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Our company was started by young dynamic professionals Balaji and Sathish in 1997. Our company was established mainly to provide technology products like computers, laptops of various brands to our customers. We deal with all kinds of branded Computers, Assembled computers, laptops and support our customers with our strong team of trained and skilled technicians. Itís been more than a decade now since we started our company and we offer our best and latest computer products of various brands with the services. We consider what best requirement to our customers is. Today we are one of the leading dealers in supplying the latest computers and laptops with all kinds of brands, and also assembled computers.

Our company provides services to different kinds of industries, small, medium and corporate companies.

We provide our best services to our customers.. To fulfill and satisfy our customers is our main objectives. Our companyís main priority is to give full satisfaction to our customers, and we are successful in giving satisfaction to our customers.

We deals with all kinds of brands like Hp, Sony, Acer, LG, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung, Dell, Tally etc. we also deals with assembled computers. Assembled computers are the most deal with our customers. These days most people they look for assembled computers or systems because the assembled computers are sold at cheaper rate.

We deal with all kinds of branded computers and assembled computers. And also we deals with laptops will all kinds of brands. We are one of the most leading dealers of all kinds of branded and assembled computers and laptops.


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