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A software license is a legal instrument governing the usage or redistribution of software. All software is copyright protected, except material in the public domain. Contractual confidentiality is another way of protecting software. A typical software license grants an end-user permission to use one or more copies of software in ways where such a use would otherwise potentially constitute copyright infringement of the software owner's exclusive rights under copyright law.

Advantages of Legal Software’s
Buying legitimate software makes legal, as well as, moral sense. Running pirated Software is ‘a crime and you could face a stiff penalty if caught. Also, spare a thought for all the people who labored for months, sometimes years, to develop the software. If you use a pirated version of it, these people will be robbed of the rewards of their hard work!
Legitimate software will have organizational support, with extensive documentation. Often live support is only a phone call or an email away. If you go for a pirated version, you will be stranded in case a problem arises with the software you are likely to not get any supporting documentation or Assistance from the seller of the pirated Version of the software. You would also not be able to call the software company for support.
As more and more software development companies are adopting advanced copy protection measures, making copies of software is becoming difficult. As a pirated software is often a poor copy of the original, many people using pirated versions often find that certain commands do not work or that some elements of their hardware (printers, modems, etc.) do not install or function properly. There may even be issues with other software packages on your system-for instance, you may get poor quality sound or may be unable to cut and paste information or experience other difficulties. I know of a person who cannot use the ‘Save As’ command in his pirated version of Windows, while another cannot get any sound on her system because the operating system (pirated Windows) for some reason does not work with Windows Media Player or RealPlayer! There are seldom such problems with legally purchased software.
Upgrade, Patch and Repair
No software is completely error-free. As bugs are discovered, patches are released to fix them. After a period of time, an improved version of the software is also released. Buying a legal copy of software, in most cases, entitles the user to access patches, as well as, upgrades to the software as they become available. With a legal copy of the software, installing the patches or doing the upgrades is simple and painless. A person using a pirated version has no right to the upgrades, but may be able to access the patches (for fixing bugs). However, the person is likely to run into problems while installing these patches.
Last but not the least, almost all legal software comes with a warranty that secures the user from malfunctions or errors. Suppose you buy a legal software package and find that it does not work properly-has installation problems, may crash frequently, etc.

The company is obligated to repair the software or give you a new copy of it if the warranty period has not lapsed. A pirated copy, on the other hand, will have no warranty. If you get a bad copy, you are stuck with it.

Buying legal software may seem expensive-some of the higher-end applications cost more than a small network of computers-but buying software legally benefits one in the long run.

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